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Curve Fever 2 Unblocked

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headerCurve Fever 2 is the second edition of the popular multiplayer game about curves. In fact this game looks like legendary Snake game, but here you play against thousands of real people online. To play the Curve Fever 2 you must download and install the latest version of the flash player. The first thing to do is to register a new account or just play as a guest. Registering new account is of course better to save your gaming progress and become a popular gamer, but for the first try you can play as a Guest. As soon as the game is fully loaded in your browser, you can select the room and join the battle. Rules are pretty simple – each player has it’s own color. You are going to move a small dot which makes curves and try not to hit anything. If you will manage to stay the last alive player in the round – you win. Each room can host up to 6 players. Remember that your mission is to control the dot using the arrow buttons. All players have the same speed but some of them can use the special power-ups that you will notice on the stage. Curve Fever 2 is a really interesting and addictive game because you are playing online with real people. Now you can play the Curve Fever 2 Unblocked At School and kill time on the lessons. Hope that you will enjoy and have some fun.